ETL Components Settings:

Name of Graph:

For the HTML pages and Pubby, the Graph http://fios:saiku is used.
For saiku, the Graph http://fios:saikumanually is used.

RDF file of data cube "FIOS 2.0 Data Cube for SEC/YHOF":

Here is the Link to the RDF File for the Data Cube, used in saiku.

SPARQL construct queries to populate data cube "FIOS 2.0 Data Cube for SEC/YHOF":

The following Construct Query is used to populate the data cube "Fios 2.0 Data Cube for SEC/YHOF"

PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX sdmx-measure: <>
PREFIX edgar: <>
PREFIX gesis-dbpedia-stats2: <>
PREFIX smartdbwrap: <>
PREFIX qb: <>
PREFIX refgovukyear: <>
PREFIX refgovukmonth: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX skosclass: <>
PREFIX dropedia: <>
PREFIX eus: <>
PREFIX smartlocation: <>
PREFIX dbpedia: <>
PREFIX owl: <>
PREFIX smartanalysisobject: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfh: <>
PREFIX dropedialocal: <http://localhost/Dropedia/index.php/Special:URIResolver/>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX gesis-dbpedia-stats: <>
PREFIX refgovukday: <>
PREFIX rdfh-inst: <>

INSERT INTO GRAPH <http://fios:saikumanually>
{?ds qb:structure <>.} from <http://fios:saiku> where { ?ds qb:structure ?dsd. }

SPARQL query to add skos:notation names to companies:

PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX skos: <>

INSERT INTO GRAPH <http://fios:saikumanually>
{?conceptone skos:notation ?foafnameone}
where { { select ?concept as ?conceptone min(?foafname) as ?foafnameone from <http://fios:saiku>
where { ?concept foaf:name ?foafname }
group by ?concept } }

SPARQL query to create company and SIC levels of issuer dimension:

PREFIX fios: <>

INSERT INTO GRAPH <http://fios:saikumanually> {
?company skos:member fios:issuerCodeListCompanyLevel.
?sic skos:member fios:issuerCodeListSicLevel.
?company skos:narrower ?sic.
} from <http://fios:saiku>
where { ?company <> ?sic }

LDSpider settings:

While testing FIOS 2.0, we tested also different parameters for crawling data. However, mainly we used a Breadth-first search with a depth of 3 and a maximum of 10 PLD.


Example of a seedlist

FIOS preprocessed rdf data

An example of a crawled and preprocessed data file can be downloaded here

Link to etl-fios:

Link to the source code of the fios-etl java program to execute the fios-etl process.


Endpoint of the FIOS 2.0 System


You can download all created HTML pages, Seedlist and the RDf file here