Integrity Constraint:

Unique DataSet:

Check whether each observation in the FIOS 2.0 system has exactly one dataset. If an Observation is assigned to multiple datasets or has no assignment to a dataset, then it will be listed below.
This Integrity Constraint is based on the Unique DataSet constraint from

Integrity Constraint is correct

Earnings per share Ratio:

Check whether whether earnings per share (us-gaap-2011:EarningsPerShareBasic) for a company in fact can be computed by the ratio of net income (subject us-gaap-2011:NetIncomeLossAvailableToCommonStockholdersBasic) and outstanding shares (subject us-gaap-2011:WeightedAverageNumberOfSharesOutstandingBasic) during the same time period, with a possible rounding error of 0.1.
The Integrity Constraint is correct, if the absolute value of the value is smaller than 0.1 ( |value| < 0.1 ).
If the Integrity Constraint is wrong for an Entry in the FIOS 2.0 System, the corresponding value and company appears below.

Integrity Constraint is correct