FIOS 2.0 Start Page

General Information:
Workbench: OpenLink Virtuoso Server Version 06.01.3127
Running in: Apache/2.2.14
Number of Triples in the Data Warehouse:
Number of Data Sets:
Seed Information:
First Seed Date:
Last Seed Date:
Number of different DataSources:
Observation Information:
Number of Observations:
Number of Companies:
Number of Subjects:
Data Structure Definition Information:
Number of Data Cubes:
List of Dimensions:

Overview of the number of different values per dimension/measure:


Integrity Constraint

Integrity Constraint for FIOS 2.0 System.


Histograms for FIOS 2.0 System.

Example Multidimensional Histogram

Multidimensional Histogram for FIOS 2.0 System.

ETL components settings

ETL components settings for FIOS 2.0 System.

SPARK Company Template Start Page

Analyse Companies in the FIOS 2.0 System.

Linked Data Browser Start Page

Browse the data in the FIOS 2.0 System.

OLAP Interface Start Page

Analyse the data with the OLAP tool saiku. (Username: admin, Password: admin; Please Use Firefox Browser)

List of Companies, sorted by EntityName


To get a complete List of all Companies click here.

List of Subjects:


To get a complete List of all Subjects click here.

To See an Evaluation on the Market Capitalization in relative to the Countries click here.

Compare MasterCard and Visa

To compare MasterCard and Visa click here.

More Information about MasterCard

To view Information about MasterCard click here.

More Information about Visa

To view Information about Visa click here.

Explore the Data

To Explore the Data we implemented Pubby. Pubby is a useful webapp where users can 'click trough the data' and thus discover the data by themselves. We provide different origins (see below), but users can also build his own origins by typing the corresponding start link and the corresponding CIK, Ticker or else.
Here are some examples:

Origins for Pubby: